Customs parking

Parking for fright vehicles is provided at the International terminal of the PUC “Parking Servis” in Blok 53, Novi Beograd.There are 220 parking spaces for trucks with trailers and 78 parking spaces for the fright vehicles with the transport capacity of 10 t or less. Aisle width for vehicles between parking lots is 12 feet.

Services are paid at the ramps, points of entrance or exit. Upon entering driver of the vehicle receives the card, which carries serial number, registration date and time of entry.

Each vehicle stalls on the weight bridge, which reads and stores the weight of the vehicle. The first twelve hours are paid according to the established price list:

  • vozila vehicles up to 10 tons – 1.500,00 dinars
  • vehicles over 10 tons – 1.900,00 dinars

Note: at the start of every next twelve-hour period each category pays 700,00 dinars.

To avoid the crowds when leaving the Terminal, upon entrance vehicle receives slip with registration number. After delivering the documents to their freight forwarding companies, parking fee can be paid at the counter of the “Post Office”, which is located in the administration building. This results in a faster flow of vehicles.

Working hours are from 00.00 AM to 00.00 PM.

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