PUC “Parking servis” manages exploits and maintains 8 public parking garages comprising about 2.800 parking spaces and 20 car parks, which are located in the immediate and wider city centre, adding about 6.000 parking spaces to the total capacity.

Payment options in the garages

  • by the commenced hour or monthly subscription, and the price may vary in dependence of the customer is being an individual or legal entity. Garage “Airport” offers a possibility of a more preferable single-shot seven-day parking .

Payment options in the car parks

  • by the commenced hour, or several ways of monthly subscription. Preferable payment option – daily parking is provided in car parks “Blok 42″ and “Ada Ciganlija”.

Parking at “VMA” car park is free of charge for the first 30 minutes, whereupon parking is charged per commenced hour.

Parking for persons with disabilities

  • Disabled persons can park their vehicles free of charge for the first 3 hours in garages and car parks, whereupon parking is charged per commenced hour. Car park “VMA” makes an exception to this rule, prolonging this, free of charge period, to 8 hours for parking the vehicles of persons with disabilities. These vehicles need to be at the “VMA” list.
Garage “Aerodrom”
Garage “Masarikova”
Garage “Baba Višnjina”
Garage “Botanička basta”
Garage “Obilićev venac”
Garage “Vukov spomenik”
Garage “Pionirski park”
Garage “Dr Aleksandra Kostića”
Garage “Zeleni venac”
Rules of conduct in garages:
Rules of conduct

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