Garages with reserved parking places

PUC “Parking servis” operates 26 garages with reserved parking places for cars and motorcycles.

Garages with reserved parking places are located in densely populated residential areas.

These garages are intended only for customers with monthly subscription, with long stay. Some facilities have a number of marked parking spaces for motorcycles.

Most garages are equipped with automatic rolling and segment doors, managed by issued parking card and remote access control. Deposit for the remote control is 5.000,00 RSD.

Some garages are under the surveillance of our employees. Monitoring hours differ from 24-hours (in 10 garages), from 8 pm to 8 am in “Vojvodjanska 11-15″ and from 6 am to 10 pm in “Upin” garage. Daily supervision is determined by monthly schedule.

Garages of this type are not suitable for vehicles of persons with disabilities.

Garages with reserved parking spaces:
Garage „27. marta”
Garage „Blok 63″
Garage „Borca Greda II” – separate garage
Garage „Centrotekstil”
Garage „Vojvodjanska 11-15″
Garage „Vojvodjanska 111-115″
Garage „Dr Ivana Ribara”
Garage „Dusana Vukasovica”
Garage „Jurija Gagarina 1″
Garage „Jurija Gagarina 2″
Garage „Julino brdo”
Garage „Klare Cetkin 1″
Garage „Klare Cetkin 2″
Garage „Klare Cetkin 3″
Garage „Kralja Milutina”
Garage „Milesevska”
Garage „Medakovic 1″
Garage „Medakovic 2″
Garage „Olge Alkalaj”
Garage „Pozarevacka”
Garage „Radivoja Koraca”
Garage „Upin”
Rules of conduct in garages with reserved parking places:
rules of conduct

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