Parking for persons with disabilities


In public garages and car parks there are marked parking places for disabled persons’ vehicles (with a sticker).

Disabled drivers are entitled to 3-hour free-of-charge parking in garages and car parks on special market places for persons with disabilities. After this period they pay the parking per commenced hour.

At the car parks (“Blok 42″ and “Ada Ciganlija”) where parking is charged per rate, parking of persons disabilities is free of charge. At “VMA” car park persons with disabilities can park their cars free of charge for 8 hours, but their vehicles must be on the “VMA” list.


The owners of vehicles with a ’person with disabilities sticker’ do not pay the parking on specially marked places for disabled persons’ vehicles on general (street) car parks. On these places persons with disabilities can park their vehicle as long as they want, free of charge. These places are marked with vertical and horizontal signalling.

In the city zone designated areas there are marked 400 general and 200 special parking places for vehicles of persons with disabilities. For parking outside the zone system is provided 14 general and parking spaces for people with special needs.

Person with disabilities can only be given/may be granted maximum two privileged parking tickets; one on the basis of disability – disabled parking ticket (DPT) and the other based on the specific zone resident (PPK). Persons with disabilities who do not live in zoned areas can only get disabled parking tickets (DPT).


Disabled parking ticket (DPT) can be obtained if you have a valid Certificate which is issued in City Department for war veterans and disabled persons, allowing them to use their right parking a vehicle at the designated places free of charge.

DPT applies to the territory of the Republic of Serbia, for the issuing year. When receiving the DPT at our Customer Centre in Kraljice Marije 7, Mileševska 51, and in Starine Novaka 22, applicants are obligated to hold the following documentation:

  • a valid certificate which is issued in City Department for war veterans and disabled persons
  • two photographs 3,5 x 3cm
  • car registration licence
  • ID card

NOTICE: City Department for war veterans and disabled persons, 27. marta Street, No 43-45, only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09 a.m. to 01 p.m.. More information: phone 011/330-90-92 or its web page.

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